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University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Taiwanese Student Association

這個網站彙集了有關香檳的生活建議,學術分享,甚至文化以及其他討論。UIUC TSA希望能讓此站在復古地以類似部落格形式的同時,能讓大家能溫馨地、有效地找到自己需要的資訊。如果內容有什麼疏漏,歡迎聯繫我們。​有想要分享的文章、照片、或者其他創作,我們也非常歡迎投稿!

Our Mission,
Our Work

UIUC Taiwanese Student Association (UIUC TSA) 's mission and work can be condensed into two main categories - service and culture. As a non-profit RSO, we focus on service as voluntary deeds that feed back to Taiwanese community in Champaign-Urbana; as a cultural RSO, we aim to help people know Taiwan more and let Taiwanese people know each other more !

Life in


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Our Services



Our Events

The past events hosted by UIUC TSA. We plan to cut the main events in to four main ones and several smalls. The main events will be Kick-off Party, Mid Autumn Festival BBQ, New Year Banquet, and New Students Orientation. We will highlight social and networking in our fall semester smaller and sporadic events; informative (career, taxation, immigration status, etc.) in spring semester events. Please stay tuned for more information! 

Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival

We normally host our Mid Autumn Festival at the same weekend of the full moon. With reasonable price, you can enjoy authentic Taiwanese style BBQ. Ready to get nostalgic and homesick!

Corn Maze

Corn Maze

It's a special event in Champaign; normally happened after the corn harvest and Champaign's famous for corn. Come join us for such absurd yet cute event this year!

Song with TSA

Song with TSA

It was an experimental serial events hosted by TSA last year for its members. It is more about chilling and bonding (as we can see "song" = "爽"). We will have similar events this fall but not in serial and not regularly.

TSA Chinese New Year Party

Chinese New Year

Again, whenever there's festival, there's tear - 每逢佳節倍思親。While we can't go home to unite with our family, we can at least come together as Taiwanese community to celebrate lunar new year together!

Career Seminars

Career Seminars

Career Seminars had been hosted randomly once in Fall and once in Spring. We plan to have similar schedule this academic year as well. The content of it will either be experience sharing from our UIUC Taiwanese alumni or from expert of specific field! Please tell us if you have some special interests or some recommended lecturers/ alumni.

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Below is our list of sponsors. As the semester goes, there will be more of them showing up!

Campus Circle




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